Increasing the Nonsense with Initiation

6 Feb

What, might you ask, is another blog worth posting?  Well, not just the idea that I am now an independent, so to speak (newly broken from another site) but that what I can say here is of my own devising and for no more apparent reason than my own entertainment.


 What am I thinking?  Of course there are thousands of blogs out there and I am forsworn to have no time for them!  Alas, this shall NOT be a consistent blog, but simply, a placeholder for when I feel so inclined.

 About me:  I am not going to bore you with that.  I will say that I write novels, though my abundance of pseudonyms point to something altogether more nefarious than just writing.  If only I could hold a drivers license or at least a gun permit for every name I use.  Although, I admit the picture would not match the sex on at least one of the drivers licenses. 

I enjoy being enigmatic, so I will only share one pseudonym with you here.  Dena Gray.  They are matriarchal names, and before you ask, no I am NOT a hyena.  I am simply Scots-German. 

I leave you with these things to ponder on: 

  • I’m looking for candidates for the Church of Designer (bring me that ole-time formica! and swing low, sweet herculon!)
  • Monty Python never went in search for Elizabeth in Charlotte, NC, but if he did, it would be worthy (little mexico and a whole lot of trailers before reaching nirvana)
  • Orange Irritation.  Depot hopes desperately I do not have an anarchist bent (I’m too sexy for my store as I do my little turn on the racetrack)
  • Oregon Awaits!  I wish to travel there, but have no idea what’s to do!  Other than apply for graduate college, which I’m working on.
  • Ardmore and Isle of Arran.  Scotland is a dream of mine and what better place to visit than the origins of a poet?

So.  Join me if you wish.  I promise to be inconsistent and trite, if not a little over your head with some thickly veiled references to things about which only I know.  And maybe someday, if you’re good, I might bless you with a little novelistic treat. 




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