7 Feb

How many administrative secretaries does it take to mail out a graduate application package?  Apparently more than 50 because I applied for a package over three weeks ago.  I’m beginning to wonder if the school has a nepotistic approach to entry, but I shall not say that out loud.  It might jinx me ;D

I woke up this morning feeling edgy and wary.  I feel like I’ve missed something and the dream I encountered this morning didn’t help.  I was a bride, rushing into a wedding ceremony with a Greek family and both the groom and I had forgotten to bring the lines.  It was a very strange dream, kind of a cross between The Godfather and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I’m still wondering about that one. 

But for some reason it immediately made me think about my grad pack from University of Oregon, or rather, the lack of one.  I can get the wedding part, but The Godfather?  Oh! Yes, I wrote to the UO county police last night, requesting information on concealed carry licensing and reciprocity with Georgia gun laws.  Now, that’s funny!  What a strange allusion…

If I really think about it, I *am* almost forcing myself into this graduate program.  Not on the Oregon end, but on my end.  In the dream, I was a beautiful bride (which bodes well for me) and the groom was handsome enough, but I remember thinking in the dream that I didn’t know him or his family all that well.  I remember thinking about divorce.  And we all know that most divorces happen at around two years (which is the standard length of time to get a Masters degree).

Success!  I have analyzed my own dream!  Hurrah!

Does it mean that I’m nervous and feel unprepared?  You bet it does!  Does it mean that I won’t fit?  No, I just have to take a trip and see how things “feel”. 

I did the silliest thing the other day.  I took the Google Earth application, mapped out the trek from Savannah to Eugene, slid down the meter to horizontal, turned on the 3D app and “drove” the trip virtually.  That was the oddest experience I’ve ever had.  I “drove” through cities I’ve only heard of and read about, “saw” mountains and plains and almost cried with the happiness of it all.  Yes!  That is odd!  But it was fun!  You should try it!

Of course, if you know me and read this, don’t mention it at work! :D  This isn’t happening for a long time!

And now I’m going to go read more Anita Blake…


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