From The Sea Caves to Three Sisters

27 Oct

Wow. Now I understand wool socks, fleece lining and second gear.

I spent the morning in Central Oregon, on the McKenzie Pass in the Cascade Mountains. I drove up a paved horse trail from hell with a white-knuckle-death-grip on the steering wheel to 5,300+ feet and saw Two of the Three Sisters, Mount Washington, Mount Jefferson, Black Butte, and some other mountains I can’t remember the names of. It was a completely different world up there! Black lava rock was EVERYWHERE along with silver-dead conifers that were twisted and knarled from the strong winds up there.

It was breathtaking. Literally. You can’t breathe that high, in that wind, with that cold. I’m not in the best of shape, but I can at least BREATHE.

So. I have to go to the potty right? And conveniently the only one is atop the pass… You know where this is going, dontcha? YEP, I took a seat and WHOOSH! Cold draft up the wazoo! It was a definite experience…one which I will not be repeating unless absolutely necessary. I know you wanted to know that, but there ya go. ;)

Check out pics here. Not of the potty, I promise. All good mountain-y pictures.

Amazingly, I’d planned on spending the day, but was done by noon. I hem and haw and think, well why not. I’ll just go to the coast! It’s only three and a half hours in the other direction…why not.

So off I go, now getting the hang of the mountain roads and sluicing down them like I’m driving Monte Carlo. I make it back in no time and stop at this little restaurant in Eugene where I had an omelet FRIED IN REAL BUTTER!!! With REAL cheese! And the syrup for my pancakes was served HOT…the waitress looked at me like I was nuts when I grabbed the container and went “ow”. Yeah.

I then head off to Florence, which is a much easier drive through Wine Country! Very beautiful. I felt like I was in Tuscany or something. Not that I know what that’s like, but nonetheless. And (gasp) Oregon has MARSH! It’s nothing like Savannah, but it was there! I took pictures (albeit crappy ones of that because I couldn’t stop) and commenced on to the Sea Lion Caves. Ah, the Oregon Coast was beautiful.

The waves were so LOUD. They boomed against the rocks, against the sand, against each other…I was 200+ feet above the beach and it sounded like cannons. The salt air was SO GOOD to smell! And it smelled different than Savannah. I notice that when I’m away, I miss the methane and salt overtone that Savannah has. I literally crave it and get homesick when I can’t smell it. To smell that salt today was just heavenly. And then taking the elevator down 200 feet… I could FEEL the relief of pressure on my body. Yeah, I’m definitely a flatlander. Stepping into that sea cave, smelling the minerals and conifers and salt…it was a little off, but close enough to home that I couldn’t stop smiling.

Today was a big plus. Oregon’s Bounty is in its natural beauty. I shall dream of mountains and rocky shores with booming waves tonight…


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