The University of Oregon

27 Oct

Well, dear readers, I have not much to report today, not even photographs. I spent my day traversing the campus with the most adorable sophomore you’ve ever seen. His name was Cody. Take a little surfer, a little skater, a little shy geekiness and there ya have him. I was actually quite glad he was giving the tour because he needs the practice speaking in front of people. Don’t get me wrong, he was very informative, helpful, had answers to all our questions, very patient…but he needs some speaking skills. I admire him for doing it. And he was just a cutie, so I hope he does well.

All in all, it was the same as any campus you might see in a movie or in your hometown. Some old buildings, some new…some trailers. There’s always trailers. This campus has something unique, however. A cemetery. Yes, a graveyard is in the middle of the south end of campus. It’s not active, mind you, just…walked through.

Being a Savannahian, that just gives me the creeps to see gravestones walked OVER and not AROUND. Where I’m from, you don’t even walk over the grassy part where the person was buried. Significantly BAD JUJU! But the squirrels there were amusing. Larger than our gray squirrels in Georgia, they were adventurous, playful…one was bouncing around a little bush like he was protecting it from me. It was rather adorable so I excused myself and went on.

Yet more hippies abound to the little streets just west of campus, but there was the most fantastic little bakery where I got a bagel sandwich to DIE for! Basil, spinach, tomato, avocado and mozzarella on an herb bagel. YUM! :9 The funny part was when I asked for an Italian soda and the guy asked me what flavor. I blinked and said no flavor. Straight? …Yes… Um…do we sell it that way? The other guys says, um, I think so…

Regardless, I got my Italian soda (sparkling mineral water basically). Then I wandered around campus a bit, poked my head in the Architectural building, listened in on a lecture and a studio…It seemed normal school stuff.

Tomorrow’s the big day! I meet with the graduate counselor for the program, then head back to Portland for the night. If I have enough time (and room) then I’ll stop at the Clear Creek Distillery in Portland for a whiskey tasting…but we’ll see.

Wish me Luck!


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