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ACK! Whatta way to ring in the year!

31 Dec

I hope my luck improves over the day. I woke up with a sore hip, shoulder, thumb and eyeball, all on the left side (yay, old body) and proceeded to turn on the not-so-old comp to check out my Dashboard and some News.

To what do my wondering eyes should appear? But a PXE-ROM FAILURE! Yep, my comp has a bad hard drive or some kind of connection of which I have no idea how to fix. Thankfully, my brilliant roommie (who is at work) says to leave it alone and use her comp for the day. So I do.

I decide to be helpful and at least look for my boot disk, so I go rummaging in storage and what do I find there? Just take a wild guess.


Just think, what could possibly be worse than losing your precious computer with all your portfolio (written and digital)? Why, losing your physical portfolio, of course! Yep! I find that one of our past little freeze-pops down south has cracked some kind of water line or the toilet or something and the storage boxes are soaked. The storage boxes with all my physical portfolio has been sitting in water for days! Yay!

I think: This couldn’t possibly be worse. Well, then I think: Yes, you could fall and break a leg where no one could hear you (thankfully that hasn’t happened) or something could happen to someone you love. This is true, and saves me from panicking that extra little bit that would send me into hysteria. I’m already hyperventilating, but I’m not in hysterics, YET.

Then my mom calls.

She wants to know when I’m coming down to the house to help them take down the Christmas Tree. This is fine, I’d promised her I’d help her earlier in the week since I’m on vacation (and I never get a solid vacation without spending at least half of it with her, she makes sure of that), so I told her I had a bit of a crisis I was working through at the house, that I’d be down there closer to lunch time since we were going to my aunt’s dock for a cookout this evening.

She stops. Stutters. “But I need you to open up the safe for me.”

“Do I need to do it right now?”

“You said you’d come down.”

“And I am, as soon as I get things taken care of here.”

She stutters more, huffs, “That’s fine. Just fine. I’ll see you later.” And hangs up.

Suspicious? I would think so. Notice the finely laden guilt trip that I wasn’t available to help her immediately and therefore was reneging on a promise (which I wasn’t at all).

Nice, right?


I think I’m gonna crack into the whiskey early tonight. On top of it all, I have to break my vacation and go into work for my annual review. Yay me.

This better be building up some damn good karma for 2011.

For those who’ve never been here before (erm…everyone)

30 Dec

Crescendo Oronis
Dena Gray

“What is it! Speak, damn you! Or is my Command worth nothing, now!?”

Ergaleio, leader of the largest Densatos rebel faction, takes a surprising move by fleeing the planet with a key piece of software, off to a populated planet: Earth. Oronis, Densatos’ Supreme Commander, sets a mission to find him and in the midst of his search finds Mercedes, a broken woman rebuilt with their own technology. Is she some hybrid, a gift between alien nations? Have humans finally caught up with their technology after millenia? Or is she simply another lead to his brother… If so, what kind of horrors have these primitive humans visited upon one of his own?

A journey of fixation, fear, reckoning and regret–Crescendo Oronis drags a leader through the mess of his brother’s mind, only to realize…he is his own worst enemy and Ergaleio was nothing more than a victim.


30 Dec

(yep, I totally spammed the tags)

I vow to do these things (hopefully) every day (or at least three times a week, depending on indulgent I’m being):

1) BLOG. I want to really blog this year, and not in depth crap, either. I want to tweet and blog my arse off on just about anything at least once a day. Just because I can.

NOT me at work ^_^2) Take a little more care with my appearance. I’ve been looking a bit sloppy lately and it’s mostly because I hate my job. I mean, I hate one person in particular at my job, but it’s very nearly the same thing at this moment. I can’t let this person make me feel bad about myself, so I need to focus on feeling good about myself. :)


3) SAVE $$$!!! I really want to travel in the future and having that last $15,000 in debt hovering over my head isn’t getting me there! Time to pay it off! Mocha and Pizza does not help.

So what about you? What are your resolutions? What do you think about mine? What’s the best/worst resolution you’ve ever heard of?

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