For those who’ve never been here before (erm…everyone)

30 Dec

Crescendo Oronis
Dena Gray

“What is it! Speak, damn you! Or is my Command worth nothing, now!?”

Ergaleio, leader of the largest Densatos rebel faction, takes a surprising move by fleeing the planet with a key piece of software, off to a populated planet: Earth. Oronis, Densatos’ Supreme Commander, sets a mission to find him and in the midst of his search finds Mercedes, a broken woman rebuilt with their own technology. Is she some hybrid, a gift between alien nations? Have humans finally caught up with their technology after millenia? Or is she simply another lead to his brother… If so, what kind of horrors have these primitive humans visited upon one of his own?

A journey of fixation, fear, reckoning and regret–Crescendo Oronis drags a leader through the mess of his brother’s mind, only to realize…he is his own worst enemy and Ergaleio was nothing more than a victim.


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