30 Dec

(yep, I totally spammed the tags)

I vow to do these things (hopefully) every day (or at least three times a week, depending on indulgent I’m being):

1) BLOG. I want to really blog this year, and not in depth crap, either. I want to tweet and blog my arse off on just about anything at least once a day. Just because I can.

NOT me at work ^_^2) Take a little more care with my appearance. I’ve been looking a bit sloppy lately and it’s mostly because I hate my job. I mean, I hate one person in particular at my job, but it’s very nearly the same thing at this moment. I can’t let this person make me feel bad about myself, so I need to focus on feeling good about myself. :)


3) SAVE $$$!!! I really want to travel in the future and having that last $15,000 in debt hovering over my head isn’t getting me there! Time to pay it off! Mocha and Pizza does not help.

So what about you? What are your resolutions? What do you think about mine? What’s the best/worst resolution you’ve ever heard of?


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