Happy New Year! Let’s do some Thinking!

1 Jan

So I was meandering through my tweet updates and came across one from National Geographic on the history timeline of the world. Of course, my curiosity was piqued, so I went and read.

I would be, you might say, a mix of creationist and evolutionist. I believe we evolved, but that God did it, so there you have it. Everyone has their own belief. So when I was reading through this timeline, it was amazing to see the kind of…well…sizing happening with Earth over the millions of years.

Continents shrank, slid, grew, zipped around the planet like hot fat on soup and made our mountains, lakes, oceans…everything that makes our planet beautiful today. We have such a variety of things to our world in its balanced, temperate climate that we have only a very few deserts instead of one big one (as we apparently did at the advent of dinosaurs).

Think about the lush variety of plants, animals, LIFE that abides here. Our Soup.

Pretty amazing.

Then there were major climate shifts 250 million years ago, 60 million years ago and 2 million years ago (roughly and that we have record of). These major climate shifts killed entire species of life and restarted the planet with that which survived. The planet’s life system was honed closer to now and sort of started over.

From what I can gather, it seems that each time this happened, more lived and less died, but the major players definitely took the biggest hit since the weakest players were the most affected. Interesting, right?

Two million years ago was the first time any of this timeline mentioned an ICE age. Before that, the timeline cites volcanic or meteoric activity. For the past two million years, our world has fluctuated through MANY ice ages that brought ice sheets and glaciers as far south as New York and London (according to the article).

Now I remember history class trying to tell me about a large glacier covering much of the center of North America and cutting what is now the Rocky Mountains (yes I know, tectonic plates, but there’s evidence they used to be larger and were cut down, too). THAT glacier, they were teaching, covered nearly to Kansas. (whether this was true, remains to be seen, but I remember my teacher teaching it nonetheless)

Now, I can’t imagine a glacier banging on my backdoor anytime soon (and I’m not going into what anyone does with ice cubes) but with the advent of SNOW in Savannah three times in one year at such odd times of the year, and after last spring’s major blizzards over much of the northeast, it makes you wonder.

Is the clock ticking to the next Ice Age?

There are those of you that are banging your heads against your desk right now and saying “YES! Idiots! This is happening!” and there are those of you that are thinking, “yes, but it’s not happening that fast, so who cares?”

There are also those of you out there who don’t think it’s happening at all and think that Nat Geo and Al Gore are full of malarchy.

I for one, think its happening faster than we think and plan on taking a few more steps on my path to Druidism (which includes taking care of the world around you).

Do you do anything as your share? Is it malarchy? Or do you even think about it?

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One Response to “Happy New Year! Let’s do some Thinking!”

  1. denagray January 27, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    an article that may interest you if you read this: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/01/110127141703.htm

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