blogging by phone?

2 Jan

OK, so this is officially my first post by phone. I’m using WordPress for my Blackberry and the interface is rather simple. Very simple. So simple even I can use it!

I think this year will drag me into the modern age, my friends. I’m finally doing things I never thought I would, like tweeting and blogging. I’ll be looking into vlogs soon, but don’t expect to see my face. :P

I’m really excited about all this tech, but at the same time I feel a bit hypocritical. One of the reasons I’ve been so long in coming this far is because I feel that all this tech isn’t controlled, that its a bit harmful.

Bees can’t fly, birds can’t fly, I talked yesterday about global warming and altering my footprint… What if our carbon footprint is changing to an electron footprint?

What if the emf’s we’re setting off with all this tech is actually more harmful than good? Cancer, alzheimers, auto-immune diseases… Right. How in hell can that be caused by electricity?

Well, Einstein had a theory about it, didn’t he? I need to do some research on that and I can’t do that on my phone. At least, I don’t know how yet.

So think about that and tell me your thoughts:


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