oh it was gonna be good, too!

5 Jan

Man, I was gonna wax eloquent on that einstein theory and go into what people were talking about with the birds and fish in arkansas and louisiana dying abruptly, but damned if I didn’t have to go and get bit by the Jones-bug again.

I figured I’d go to the phone store and get the new 3G hotspot so I can have my internet tether free. So I do so. Forgetting that the little bastard has to charge for 2.5 hrs before use. *sigh* such is life.

So I will try to post my brilliant thoughts tomorrow and leave you with this:

If you’re interested in a good fantasy read that fixes JK Rowling’s f-ups in the harry potter series, check out Mercedes Lackey’s Foundation and Intrigues. Of course, I’d suggest the entire twenty-something book series if you have the time and inclination ;)

If you’re interested in a fresh look at the old harem bit in romance novels, check out The Surrender of a Lady by Tiffany Clare. I remember when she started playing around with the idea of writing and her stuff has only gotten hotter, her research more accurate and her insight into human reactions more insightful. A fantastic debut novel in a very competitive market eith what is normally a very cliche storyline, but OMG people this woman is anything BUT cliche. Trust me!

Happy reading!


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