Continuation of THUNDERSTORMS!

12 Jan

So, a few weeks ago, when I was discussing Ice Ages and progression of climate, I wonder if perhaps thunderstorms evolved (tongue in cheek here, since I’m both evolutionist and creationist) due to a need for Earth to protect itself from intense antimatter “invasion”?  Perhaps the atmospheric disturbance was such that it just…happened…as a sort of chaos effect, butterfly wing flapping and all that.

Hmm.  I wonder, then, what creates the levels of atmosphere and what keeps them concentric and steady?  Gravity?  Ozone?  How so?  Can the particulate matter in the very air we breathe have such a gravitational weight that Earth’s core holds it centered?  I’m sure there are entire tomes written, dedicated to this topic.  There’s probably a meteorology or astronomy student *headdesking* right now if they’re reading this, but I’m essentially a layman.  I have no training in the scientific realm other than what public school and college will give the common person in an artistic major.  Not much.  So bear with me, please.

It’s rather mind blowing to think of Earth as a living thing, sentient even.  To think of it as more than just reactive and passive.  As something that is aggressively countermanding daily threats to our existence.  That’s damned amazing to me.

How many times do we hear a child ask the simple question:  Why is it storming?

We always knew why it rained, but did we ever really know why it STORMED?   We knew the how, but not the why!  Well, now, maybe we do!  This is so incredibly exciting!  To think that possibly, the entire reason we have a temperate climate was a terrestrial defensive reaction from extraterrestrial antimatter attack.  That’s the kind of thing that makes your eyes roll into the back of your head if you’re not careful! Ha!

Now, I’m probably taking this to the extreme, but this seems to be the year for stimulating my imagination, so you know what I say?



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