12 Jan

Wow. Talk about Blowing My Mind last night. I read the article from National Geographic and SETI about how the study of a thunderstorm over Namibia set off about 3,000 times the amount of positrons found in most cosmic activity that wends its way to Earth. That the antimatter we are so concerned with targeting Earth from extra-terrestrial sources actually has a terrestrial source of massive proportions!

Some of you may have seen my tweet last night about how this means thunderstorms protect us from antimatter. My theory is this (and I’m sure there are either large holes or this is something very elementary to much smarter people out there but this is very exciting to me, so NYAH!)

That when you create a wave of energy, send it out into the “world”, it will travel until something of equal or greater value changes or stops it, right? So the thunderstorms are of equal or greater value (in this case, according to their research, much much greater value).

My question is this: Is it partly a defense mechanism? Do we have thunderstorms “pop” up out of nowhere because that area is being “attacked” with more antimatter than other areas? Hmmm!

NOTE! Video by JinoSano and Bloodychaser on Youtube.  Totally NOT mine.  It was simply appropriate :)  Autobots/Transformers are obviously property of Hasbro.  I have no idea who did the music but it’s absurdly hypnotic.  Here’s the direct link if you wish:


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