WHAT?!? McDonald’s fires mother of three because she let Adrian Peterson use the bathroom!

14 Jan


I went to school with this guy.  He’s completely humble and unassuming, and would NEVER do anything to cause a mother of three to get fired.  McDonald’s needs to get their heads out of their @$$es and apologize to the mother and to AP.

The Scoop:  He needs to go to the bathroom at 3am.  She lets him in (the dining room is supposed to be closed after 11pm).  Three days later, she’s fired.


Reprimanded, I can understand.  Afterall, it is against SOP, it’s a safety violation, yadayadayada.  But FIRED?  NO.

That is not the appropriate response, especially in these hard economic times.

I don’t know, maybe we don’t know the whole story,  the article didn’t say if she had a record of infractions at the restaurant, but I still don’t see how letting a man use the bathroom — a customer service boost — is worthy of such a strict repercussion.

I’m not even arguing from the standpoint that he’s a big football star.  He is, he’s worked his tail off his entire life to get where he is and I think he deserves respect.  He’s one of the few football players that hasn’t had his career handed to him on a silver platter even though he’s shown incredible potential from all the way back in high school. (I was lucky enough to watch him every weekend during college)

Aside from that, I’m not arguing that point.  What I’m saying is that McDonald’s is a customer service oriented environment.  This was a respected member of the community (larger community than most, but hey) and therefore the common ground SOP that’s put in place to keep the restaurant from getting robbed kind of goes out the door.  IOW, he’s not there to rob the place or tear it up.  He just needed to use the bathroom.

So she gets fired.

Nice going, Corporate McD’s.  Hope you sleep well over that.  In the meantime, I’m taking my business to Chick-fil-A.  If they don’t want someone in their building, there’s no one there to get fired over it.

EDIT:  They gave her back her job once it got too big in the media.  Hmph.  Oh, and this wasn’t the same Adrian Peterson I went to college with, but I’m sure he still didn’t have any mal-intent when he asked to go to the bathroom.  Who’d’ve thought there were TWO Adrian Peterson’s playing Pro Football?  Apparently I’m not as informed on sports as I should be.


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