Technology! GRrrr!

16 Jan

This article is rather interesting, you should read it.  Basically, it’s covering the news that when Verizon breaks out the iPhone in February, they’re dropping their existing customer “new every two” discount and making it more difficult for customers to upgrade their phones at the drop of a hat.  I can understand they want to make their profit, but this is how I see it:

Remember the old NES games?  I mean the REALLY old ones, the square cartridges you had to blow on to get the dust off or they didn’t play in the Nintendo NES console (post Atari, pre Game Cube, for those who don’t remember or know).  When they came out, they were roughly $40 a game.  About the same for a game sold now, right?  Okay.

It actually only cost $5 to produce that tiny little scrap of plastic and chipware, but the rest of the revenue went to pay for things like research, development, technology, marketing, etc.

When this came out onto the market, there wasn’t a kid alive in America above the poverty line that didn’t have one of these, and if they weren’t above the poverty line, there was one at the local community center…or three.  I know, I was there playing them alongside my less-than-fortunate friends.

We’re talking hundreds of thousands of game cartridges and consoles sold, just in this one tiny little corner of the market.  And then they brought out the Super NES.  Then the Game Cube, SEGA, XBOX, Playstation…you get the idea.  It’s a multiBILLION dollar industry worldwide and they’re STILL charging $40 – $60 per game.


Even the classics are being reinvented for the newer consoles and being sold for $20 each.


You know why.

They’re doing the same thing to our cell phones.  Not only are we letting them, but we LIKE it.  We BEG for it. 

I’m not talking Capitalism or Western Society, although arguements could be made that this is the main influence, but really?  Seriously?  It’s only human nature to want the “shiny”.

And we’ll go find the biggest club to beat Gar over the head to get that “shiny” from his grubby, neandertal hand, too.  RRRR.

To take this out of a depressing, anti-commercialist fest, why do you think we have the urge to constantly better our technology like this?  What is this urge to constantly stimulate our senses with new games and new phones?  There are people who would be  happy if we went back to life without technology, what about you?  Have cell phones made your life better or more miserable?  Do you sometimes wish you could just chuck the damned thing into the nearest river if it didn’t cost so damned dearly?


One Response to “Technology! GRrrr!”

  1. William Isles February 3, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    I certainly must think more in that area to see things i can do over it.

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