Solar vs Earth Magnetism and Crescendo Oronis

20 Jan

Does anyone know about research done on what happens to Earth’s Magnetic pull during a Solar or Lunar Eclipse?  I’ve been able to find one article on astrology and how it affects the nine months before your birth, then I’ve been able to find an article on a Solar Flare shifting Earth’s Magnetic Leylines as a possible explanation for the Aflockalypse and the similar fish phenomena, but nothing is easily reachable on solar or lunar eclipse impact on Earth’s magnetism.

My main research purpose involves two things:  Weather on Densatos (my fictional planet in Crescendo Oronis) and the so-called Selection Ceremony where the former leader’s memory is shifted into the new leader’s memory core.  Basically it’s an osmotic/magnetic process heightened by a triple solar/lunar eclipse on a crystalline planet.  :)

Through Crystalline/Metallic/Fungal Beings.  The metal stores their core and builds their skeletal structure, the fungus builds their musculature inside a crystalline exoskeleton.  The core is a metaphysical mystery to me as yet, but is basically a computer.  They are grown as spores inside their host, which gives them metal and fungus from both parents (be them male, female, doesn’t matter) and the crystalline exoskeleton is then selected, gleaned and applied by the Being as a rite of passage, creating their personal markings.

They are never allowed to correct any damage inflicted that is not life threatening, this is a sign of dishonor.

Their planet is largely metallic-based with magnetic growths (think octagonal sulfur growths in Scotland) above and crystalline caves deep below.  These crystalline caves have two distinctions: exoskeleton and fuel (hard and soft)

Hard crystal caves are free-reign.  Anyone can go and are a popular vacation spot.

Soft crystal caves are heavily guarded and much fought over.  A current war is being fought over control of a new fuel cell found on the far side of the planet.

The planet has three suns: Oranos (for which Oronis is named) is orange.  This is the main sun and gives off the most light and heat.  Guin is green, barely visible.  Mesana is violet and makes for stunning sunsets as she is the last to drop from the sky.  Densa belief is that these are all three suns.  Planet politics have created laws to forbid any extra-planetary exploration.  Death is the sentence for any infraction even though they have the technology to travel as nanoparticles (beam me up, Scotty).  In actuality, Oranos is the only sun, a Red Giant.  Guin and Mesana are merely moons that are close enough and large enough that they appear to move in tandem with Oranos.

Thus is my conundrum:  I’m working on what kind of weather this planet has and what kind of magnetism such a planet has.  Do they gain or lose magnetism at different times of the day?  I actually have a Gravity Vendor in the city as a fun set up for one of Commander Oronis’ ears about town but it makes more sense as I work on this idea.  He would make a killing selling personal gravity if it varied that much on a metal surfaced planet with metal-core beings.




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