Rush Limbaugh’s an Overblown Windbag

28 Jan

Radio Personality Makes Fun of Chinese President’s Language in Ridiculous Commentary – Refuses to Apologize

I used to listen to this guy.  He used to make a few interesting points.  About five or six years ago, he started making less sense and was later found to be addicted to oxycontin.  Lovely.

I think it fried his brain a bit.  Or at the very least the filters that keep him from being a responsible commentator in news media.

Here’s an excerpt from the article linked above:

During a Jan. 19 radio program, Limbaugh said there was no translation of the Chinese president’s speech during a visit to the White House.

“He was speaking and they weren’t translating,” Limbaugh said. “They normally translate every couple of words. Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha.”

He then launched into a 20-second-long imitation of the Chinese leader’s dialect.

The next day, Limbaugh said he “did a remarkable job” of imitating China’s president for someone who doesn’t know a language spoken by more than 1 billion people.

And guess what else?  Some neandertal called up the most vocal person against this offense, California Senator Leland Yee, and rendered death threats because of his race.  What race would that be?  American?  Because if he’s a Senator, last time I checked, he HAS TO BE AMERICAN BORN.


Limbaugh is REQUIRED to apologize to the Chinese President and to the Asian-American populace.  Pulling a stunt like that might have worked in the 80’s, and it might work in the quiet of his own home, but it won’t work on national media.  It’s unacceptable, and it’s irresponsible on so many levels.

We’re working so hard to keep our position with China PERFECT.  Our building industry suffers every wavering drop in the relationship, as does our stock market, clothing market and toy market.  I think I read somewhere that China owns 30% of America’s Banks.  Scary, isn’t it?  We need them, and we need a RESPECTFUL relationship with them.  Whether he likes the bed the Clintons made with China or not, we’re in it and he needs to either keep his mouth shut or get out of the political so-called bedroom.

Another impact is social.  Every wormy, dirty, backwards inflection that falls out of his mouth keeps this country from stepping forward in racial relations.  That shouldn’t even be a phrase: racial relations.  We’re all American.  We’re all HUMAN.  That’s all there is to it.  This whole thing about what our most visible organ looks like is ridiculous.

Interestingly enough, the separation of race in this article is more about language and not skin, but the point is the same.  What makes Mandarin or Cantonese (or any of the other six or so Chinese languages) any different than the romance languages of Europe that have made up English?

You want to talk about a mutt-race, look in the mirror, Rush.  And keep your mouth shut because that Anglo-Saxon based language you and I speak is more of a hodge-podge of cultures mashed together than the 3,500 year old (and plus) purity of the Asian Heritages.



One Response to “Rush Limbaugh’s an Overblown Windbag”

  1. Dena Gray March 6, 2012 at 11:07 am #

    Huh. He’s done it again. Why am I not surprised? This time, ad companies are dropping like flies now that Peter Gabriel stood up to him. Glad someone’s making a firm stance rather than “well, we’ll back off for now, but come back later”.

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