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For the Science-joke lovers…

3 Feb

Our Base is Under Assault!


Oh, yeah, and I made none of these, I’m just finding them funny.  The websites are in the images.


Aren’t we supposed to be CUTTING the budget?

3 Feb

What happened to spending less, Mr Obama?  Why the sudden re-institution of remedial classes?  After all, Mr Clinton saved us millions of dollars by cutting out the remedial classes in colleges and secondary schools.  If you can’t sit down and pay attention enough to learn how to read and write in primary school, then stay there until you DO learn it, don’t muddle up the system with extra classes and more money spent because you’re too busy thinking about girls, boys, sports, fashion, music, whatever it is that’s keeping you from paying attention.  And if you have an attention or learning deficit, those programs weren’t cut.  You ask for help and you will receive it.

Good God, people!  No wonder we’re $14+ Trillion in debt and counting!

I’d like to give the world a Coke…

3 Feb

Now Yemen, too?

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen…not too long ago it was France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland…now rumors of Sudan.

Yes, Europe’s drive was for a totally different reason than the northern and eastern countries of Africa and the Middle East, but WOW.  Are we in for a bumpy ride this year?  I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering what’s going on!

If you throw in weather and birds and fish and Australia, we’ve got a bit of 2012 coming our way, eh?

God, please Bless Australia.  I know not why she is under such climatic turmoil, but please help her people get through this.  They are a strong lot, but seriously, even the strong can only handle so much.

I wonder if that’s the series of Superstorms they’ve been predicting to hit California every 200 years?  Some experts are predicting that what’s happening to Australia is due to happen to California and leave that state under 4-6 FEET of water in a matter of HOURS.  Here’s an interesting article talking about catastrophic flooding every 200 years or so, according to paleoclimatology reports.  It would be interesting to find that we’re in the middle of a mathematical blip because of the magnetic pole shift change supposed to be occurring in 2012.

I still don’t know how I feel about that.  Part of me thinks it’s silly, part of me thinks ‘well, humans have probably lived through it before, just not with iPads’, and another part of me is screaming for the hills and wanting to run off the fucking grid so it doesn’t effect me.

And these winter superstorms we’ve been watching dump ton after ton of snow across a huge swathe of the U.S.? Yeah, reminds me of the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.  Terrifying if you think about it (if you seen it).  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  It’s a bit cheesy, but there’s a fun section where they’re arguing over which books to burn in a library to stay warm–though, no one argues about burning the tax law books or saving the Gutenberg Bible (and I love that the character explains that it has value as the first printed book EVER as well as a religious document).  Win!

Ok.  So that little bit shook me out of the doom and gloom for the moment, which is a very good thing.  Just, chew on the thoughts I’ve presented to you.  We live in caustic times, framed by unpredictable and violent weather, with catastrophic events foretold to happen in the near future.

Enjoy yourself, love your family and friends, think about what you can do in this life to make someone else happy.  Someone who deserves it.  Give from your heart, not your head, and your wallet doesn’t even have to jump into the equation if you think about it enough.

“I’d like to give the world a Coke…”  LOL

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