EUREKA! I’ve found it! Relief from the worst of my writing woes!

2 Feb

Ah! To be in possession of my most prized written possession again!  It feels fantastic.  After MONTHS of worrying whether I’d have to transcribe my entire manuscript from the printed hardcopy backup once my computer’s hard drive went south, and all those months of searching for the mysterious thumb drive that I SWORE I had saved another backup copy onto but could NOT find the damned thing…

I’ve finally found it.

And MY GOD what a feeling!  To know that I can resume work on this piece that has taken up so much of my life for the past FOUR years (I’ve put it down quite a bit, but still!) AH!


I still don’t have my other computer up and running, so I still miss some music I failed to update to my iPod before it crashed, but I caved to the pressure and bought a TRON CD, went digging for some CD’s I’d made when I first started writing Crescendo Oronis (back in the days before I had an iPod) and hooked up the trusty, rusty ole’ SONY.

Needless to say, we’re gonna rock a bit today, even if it’s only on the page :P  My music collection for this is a bit somber outside of the Daft Punk selections, save for just a few:

Juno Reactor – Angels and Men

Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer

Selections from Steve Jablonsky’s Transformer’s 1 & 2

Selections from Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard – Batman/Dark Knight Soundtrack (specifically, Watch the World Burn)

Within Temptation – Our Solemn Hour, Jillian

Selections from Marco Beltrami’s Underworld:Evolution Soundtrack – Specifically “Cue de Cilantro”

Placebo – Blind, Protege Moi, Space Monkey, Soulmates Never Die, My Sweet Prince, The Crawl

Selections from Hans Zimmer’s Black Hawk Down Soundtrack

Various Selections from Soundtracks by Danny Elfman

Sia – Breathe Me, I’m in Here (acoustic)

Marilyn Manson – The Nobodies, Sweet Dreams

Muse – Uno, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Invincible, Micro Cuts, Time is Running Out, Apocalypse Please

Bruce Springsteen – Devil and Dust

Dido – White Flag, Here with Me

Balligomingo – Falling, Escape

Tattle Tale – Glass Vase Cello Case

So, now that you know what I’ll be listening to (and have been for quite some time) I’m going to work on a manuscript badly in need of attention!

Here’s a tidbit from the first few pages, just to give you an idea of exactly what we’re playing with, and this isn’t even edited, so keep that in mind!


Chapter 1

“With that in mind, we respectfully request clearance to mine for reserve fuel in the Xenci District.”  The Densa presented before Oronis as Machinist Killom bowed low, showing respect as was due the Densatos Supreme Commander.  The smaller Densa seemed prepared and poised, save for the tiny tremors rippling down his axial scales.  True, his request was common, but because of that, he also knew his request had a higher chance of failure.

What was different about this one?  Was it as simple as location?  “Show me where on the map.”  Oronis indicated the center court with a hand, but clinched it quickly tight to cover the speaking ripples of anticipation rearranging the chevron scales along the surface of sensitive ovoid pads beneath.

Machinist Killom signaled to his assistant to light the holographic projection in the middle of the circle.  He tapped a quadrant in the southeastern section and zoomed in.  With a gesture, he recentered the image, making it topographically dimensional.  “Here.”  He circled a depression between two mountains with sparse metallation and layered the map to reveal magnetization.  “Our research has shown that there is a mass of minable, crystallized fuel formations beneath this valley…here and…here.  Seismology indicates there is little chance of activity if we stay above three thousand clicks.  As you can see…”

He let the delegate drone on while he examined the implications.  This proposal just might benefit his people instead of causing a public outcry and that was exciting.  Their very lives depended on crystallized fuel, but so little of it was left in the commonly known mining areas.

Unless he wanted to indebt himself to his brother’s rebel faction for their access to Cerain–the richest fuel depository they’d found to date–they needed a viable solution and fast.  Linst was popping up at every corner around the Government Complex, asking for access to someone else’s reserves.  Regrettably, every time the Retrofit Vendor asked Oronis, he found no choice but to deny him.  Especially since there was the possibility on the distant, but growing ever closer, horizon that the everyday needs for fuel would need allotment.

So much of their culture relied on it for energy—personal and profitable.  Unfortunately, no one was willing to share reserves without compromising political favor.  Oronis refrained from slouching and, instead, focused on cycling his breathing slowly in and out of his nostrils.  Mining for more fuel in a new location was their only hope at this point, especially since Ergaleio’s last siege had pushed their economy into a rationing mindset.

This mining site was right on the cusp of Holy Ground, but far enough away that even minor seismic activity wouldn’t affect the Collective Keep.  It might even bring more trade to the surrounding area.  Sentience above, they all knew they could use the influx of credits in that region.

Finally, some leeway.

He glanced over to his Second Councilor in time to see him nod almost imperceptibly to himself.  That was enough to fix his decision.  “Done.  Kaedox, have the papers drawn up.”  Oronis watched Kaedox leave, then turned in his seat to pierce Killom with a grave expression.  “Keep in mind, Machinist, should you venture even a digit into the Holy Ground, I shall revoke not only your permit, but all your mining licenses.  There are plenty more vendors willing to vie for your particular wedge in the market.”

He hated the alarm that leapt to Killom’s eyes, but it was a necessary measure.  The smaller Densa’s plating shivered a bit in front of his audial cups.  “Y-yes, Commander.  We are fully aware of the implications of such a disgraceful action.”

“Good, have your—“  Slam!

A door sparked against the sound-canceling energy field with a loud ping that stunned his hearing for a moment.  Once the ringing stopped, urgency swept in, “Commander!  Quickly!”

Oronis rubbed the sensitive audio beneath the protective cup with his fingerpads and turned towards the commotion, irritation slicking his dermaplating back against his head.  The Information Officer knew better than to barge in on him like this.  “Platreus?  I’m almost done—“

He looked like he’d been running…“It’s Ergaleio.”

Fuel leached away from his face, tiny scales rippling in fear down his back.  What had his brother done now?  He looked back at his eagerly listening audience.  “Machinist you may leave us.”  Killom and his assistant gathered their data and bowed.

Oronis felt like rushing out of the court, but instead stepped sedately down from the dais and walked towards Platreus.  Commanders never showed such a weakness as to run, but his brother… His eye shields fluttered a small amount.  “What is it?”

Platreus waited until the delegate closed the door, nodded at something over Oronis’ shoulder, then met him eye to eye.  “He’s…gone.”









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