Mrr…Migraine sucks bad.

4 Jan

Have you ever had pain in your head so bad you actually have the urge to crush your own skull just to relieve the pressure? It’s not suicide, it’s actually the opposite, the will to do ANYTHING to survive the pain. I have placed the heels of my hands on my temples and pressed hard enough to actually wonder if it were possible and scared the shit out of myself. I’m desperate, not stupid.

Lessee if those Excedrin will kick in. They usually do if I catch it this early, but Coke must be involved. (soda, not cocaine, I promise! although, I wonder…Nah! My sinuses are WAY too sensitive)

I just hope I don’t get to the point of cuddling the floor in front of the toilet. I haven’t cleaned there in a while o_O


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