8 Jan

Work in Progress

I’ve been doodling again.  It happens when I get to a certain part of a story, I just have to get it out of my head.

This happens to be a scene from my HP fanfic Lioness Loricatus, Chapter 11.  The left was done first, then the right, obviously, but I’m not sure which expressions I like better.  I think a combination of the two.  Must figure this out before I finalize the drawing! ;)

Now, I also have some fun art over at my deviantart account.  Check out the link to the right side of the page!

And someone please pass me some bunnicide!  I can’t stop with the plot-bunnies.  I was listening to Gaga on the way home from work, specifically “Judas” and had an image of Hermione dancing to it, thinking about our favorite former Death Eater.  Wouldn’t it be trite but oh-so-delicious if he showed up and started dancing with her? ;) I know it’s been done before, but *I* haven’t done it, so HA!  I think I might. LOL.  On top of the BlowDry/Zohan/Snape thingamajiggie.



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