I can’t believe it, I’ve finally gone Gaga…

8 Jan

I did it. I bought the Born This Way album. And I did it old skool- via CD! I’ve been digital for a few years so this surprised me, but holy scheize, batman, I can’t believe I like it!

Let me explain: I have nothing against Lady Gaga, her performances or her music, I even respect her shock art tactics. I just have a perverse way of NOT liking something that’s so very pop and popular. She’s damned near bubblegum, how 90’s her music is, but I think that may be what my downfall is. I’m growing increasingly sentimental towards 90’s music.

That in itself is weird because I hated so much of it when I lived it. Is it nostalgia? Am I just getting old? I’m 33, I don’t feel old…

On a side note, I was a bit cracked out on insomnia last night and had an insane idea for a Snape/Zohan/BlowDry crackfic. ;) What do you think?


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