Lions and Goggies and Soup, Oh My!

9 Jan

While Lioness, sadly, has not been completed by the writing elves overnight, I have been able to wangle them into installing the first 11 chapters to the blog ;)  I’ll post the new chapters here and at as I write them.  Let me know what you think!

Off to make Goggie Soup!  My older choccy lab has a digestive problem, so I make her brekky every day.  It’s mainly some sort of veggie/green (collards and carrots today) along with some sort of starch or bulk (rice today) and some sort of fresh meat (beef shank is on the menu! nom!)  In the meantime, my baby-belle, the 9 mo. old weimie, seems to enjoy the benefits of a home-cooked meal ;)

Seriously?  My 9 yr. old lab has never been healthier.  She’s always had stomach issues that have directly related to dry kibble, and it’s less expensive if I shop around and buy in bulk.  Even with meat (at least where I’m at).  All that matters is that my babies are happy and will stay with me longer! :) (and before anyone balks, yes I’ve checked it all with my vet, first, and the pup’s diet is supplemented with puppy kibble for nutrients)


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