Oronis Ascending, or Littly Snippets?

10 Jan

I’m trying to decide between finally tackling and editing my major epic work, Crescendo Oronis, which will end up probably becoming a major task and take up another year — most likely opening up into other books — or starting simpler (which has been recommended to me by a very reliable source) with smaller stories and/or less complicated ones to just ‘get started’.

So often, I’ve put writing due to intimidation or fear over this major work, and fanfiction has been helping me with that fear, letting me gain confidence and polish.  Unfortunately, it’s also dragging me down, a bit, into writing a lot of fiction for free.  I enjoy it, but it’s starting to interfere with being profitable. :/

I pose to you this:  What is your advice?  Stay striving for the big fish, hoping that it will make an impression and not fall flat?  Or start in with smaller fish, working for quantity and publication rather than epic quality (for now)?


One Response to “Oronis Ascending, or Littly Snippets?”

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