Dragons across the Earth

11 Jan

(c) Al Weber - used without permission

I remember flying from Oregon to Utah for my first leg back cross-country.  It was the first time I’d ever flown so far, or by myself, and it was something I was admittedly savoring.  The first part of the flight out of Portland was at dawn and the sky was absolutely amazing.  It was dark on the ground, the sun barely glimmering around the dense fog that is so very common there, and I couldn’t possibly figure out how they could take off.  I was thinking I would be disappointed in trying to see the ascension, the mountains, the sky…but Oh, God.  We flew into the next atmosphere and the COLOR.  We were between cloud levels and the sun was framed perfectly between.  A level of fog below us was pink as dawn with the Cascade Mountains glimmering whitely up through them as if no civilization existed below.  Above, bright, light, yellow, wispy clouds danced as if held by a giant bowl…and between?  That was the magic.  It was the deepest shade of indigo I’ve ever seen.  The colors were spectacular and as the plane banked in a southward arc, I pressed against the window to keep sight of it.  I wasn’t the only one, there were several other passengers, including a giant of a firefighter, who were doing the same.

So why the picture above?  Well, as I ate in the brightening scenery as it was revealed to me below, I started seeing more and more mountains as we neared the foothills of the Rockies.  Great crevices and peaks crawled across the landscape, eaten away by water and time.  I imagined a great dragon with many fingers and spiny ridges climbing the earth, leaving a trail behind her…

I want to go back…


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