Sales and Sanity do NOT intermix

14 Jan

The life of a retail salesperson is lived on a fine line of bending the truth and what a person wants to hear into a believable mix of verity in order to obtain the final goal: sales.  If a salesperson doesn’t believe in what they’re selling, intrinsically, their numbers fail.  The exception to this is when the common populace doesn’t care whether you believe in what you sell, they just want to buy it.  They want to buy it NOW and cannot possibly fathom why you might be hesitant.

On top of that, when the common populace, normally in this traditionally slow market, starts to become a mad rush during the last few days of the tax-return season (any home improvements are able to be claimed until January 30th, for the previous year, I believe) there is an even greater demand on a typically specialized market (mine). [and no, I can’t say what it is or I get fired, XP]

IE: I get mobbed and then yelled at when there’s no one else trained to help me.  At the end of the day, I ask myself why I do this?

Gotta pay the bills somehow, right? *sigh*


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