Psychos, here I come!

16 Jan

I think I’ve settled on starting to write a psychological thriller.  It seems to match the pace of what I’ve been writing for Lioness Loricatus and allows me to write pretty much everything into a story I’ve a tendency to write (intelligence, violence, gratuitous sex LOL).  After a harassed afternoon at Barnes & Noble trying to punch out an outline, I think I’ve got one set out:

The Education of Miss Persephone Norris

I’ll work on the tagline and description later ;)  Think: if Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling had a less-than-difficult romance, and if Dr. Jekyll lived to be thankful to Mary Reilly.  I’m referring to the Lecter/Starling story arc as revealed in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal (NOT the movie please) and to Stephen Frears’ Mary Reilly (1996 – yes, the movie).

I don’t care what the Razzies say, I liked the movie. Sure, they could have cast someone a little better than Roberts, but Malkovich, Close, Gambon and Hinds more than made up for her crap Irish accent.  She played scared real-good ;)  Must have been left over from her Sleeping With The Enemy days. LOL

Gah! I could talk movies all day, so I’ll shut up!  I admit to a secret wish to have gone into movie production straight out of high school instead of residential design. :/  I’ll also admit I’m a chicken that listened too much to my parents and let debt get too much in the way of my dreams.


I’ll keep you posted on the new story…In the meantime, what do you think about the title and references?


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