And now for something completely…Bitter

19 Jan

Since I split my personality between real life and this one, and my RL sucks right now, I thought I’d share something particularly creative I just composed on my personal FB page.  Backstory:  my parents are going through a nasty divorce after 38 years and there’s money and accusations involved…now someone has taken it upon themselves to mail my mother pictures of my father with, yes, another woman.  I don’t know what to think, I have no idea who is telling what truth or how many sides to the truth there are, but, this was my immediate response:

To all the spiteful, ruinous people who decide it is their business to disturb my life and those lives of the people I love, doing nothing but causing hurt in your path: May you suffer the burn of a thousand icy winds shivering down your back as you are stripped of the comfort of any friendship, hearth or home. May your stomach eat at your spine with an aching acid that bleeds out your nose and mouth with every word you speak, you swine. You filth. You utter and complete waste of humanity. May God have mercy on your soul.


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