Funniest Damn Thing I Heard and/or Said Last Night:

19 Jan

Me, playing online Scrabble, trying to make a point about funny words I could make but couldn’t use: “What is Worf?”

My friend, blinking: “You mean, as a person, or on TV?”

Me:  “Huh?  I mean, on TV.  What is he?”

My friend, blinking and looking at me as if I’m stupid: “Klingon…”

Me, grinning like a mad fool:  “Yes!  Klingon!  That’s the word I was looking for!”

Now, in case you aren’t following my stupid sense of comedy, my favorite part is where my friend looks at me like I’m insane for asking “What is Worf?”  I want that question on a Tshirt ;)  To follow up with more explanation, I’m one of those people that looks at common words like they’re foreign.

Ie: Crisp.  Rust.  Each.

What…are they…really?  Say them aloud as if you’re speaking a foreign language and you might get what I mean.  They have no basis for meaning what they do.  Okay, I’ll concede (a little) on “crisp” – it’s onomatopoetic (grin – I love that word) but “rust”?  “Each”?  Really?  I feel displaced when I say them, sometimes.

Ah well, must just be me.  ;)


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