The Influence and Empowerment of Writing

27 Jan

My writing, as is most, revolves around the study of the human condition.  I’m one of the watchers, the studiers, one of the ones that sit and watch a scene of life unfold and view the participants and their actions as each take their turn to play.  I try to watch them and determine what their perceived actions are versus their possible intended actions, and, possibly from a slightly masochistic streak, I also try to determine what their motives were in varying between the two.

For example (making a simple case):

John walks into the room.  Brenda and Sherri had been gossiping furiously over another co-worker and what it looked like they might have survived the previous night by the unholy circles under their eyes and supposed sound sensitivity.  The girls maliciously suggested a drunken binge.  As soon as John walks in, however, all talking ceases and Brenda blushes, looking away.

John thinks they were talking about him.  Sherri smirks behind her hand.  John asks, “What’s so funny?”, to which Brenda immediately snaps almost angrily, “Nothing!”

John snorts, walks off in a huff, and now Brenda drops her head in her hands.  After a moment, she speaks quietly to Sherri: “See?  He doesn’t even like me.”

Now.  How many different interpretations of THAT can you come up with?  Several, I’m sure, and that’s half the fun!  I love watching things like this play out because they formed so much of my own perceptions growing up.  So many people that I misconstrued to think one way when I was younger, informed me later it was rather to the opposite at the time it happened.  How can you not become fascinated with the quadrille and calculation of emotion that is life?

It brings us high, it rips us low, it levels the field and takes nations to war.  By every definition and example, it rules our lives and that’s why I find writing…empowering.  I have that power in my hands, even as I write this to you.  Every writer that endeavors to master his or her craft has that power and it is intoxicating.


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