Salmon Aphrodisiac

28 Jan

I swear.  I started out intending to make a Salmon Skin Salad, and ended up making something else that created a scene from a sappy chic flick where we were feeding each other and licking the sauce off our fingers…and…things…*cough*

Here are the ingredients:

3 tbsp peanut oil

cracked black pepper

ground white pepper

ground cayenne pepper

ground ginger

a small pinch of whole mustard seeds

1 tbsp fish sauce

1/2c worchestershire sauce

dash of lemon juice

2 garlic cloves

1/4c dried cranberries

1 filet of salmon w/skin

First thing, I took the fish and cut it up into edible sizes (not that it really matters when you sautee and it falls apart, but that’s what I did), then tossed on a few dashes of fish sauce and worchestershire sauce to let it marinate.

Then, I started the sautee pan cooking on medium head (see? already a freudian typo! I meant “heat”!) with the peanut oil and added all the peppers, the ginger and the mustard seed.  I let the mustard seed pop, then added the fish sauce and the worchestershire sauce.  I swirled that around the pan until everything looked even, then added in the garlic, lemon juice and cranberries.  Once this seemed to start saturating the cranberries, I added the cut-up salmon and skin.  Turning it constantly to keep it from scorching, I let it cook until the salmon turned color completely, then turned off the heat (for now, haha).

*I* served it over an Italian mix Salad (basically a Spring mix without the baby sized lettuce or Frisee), but I think it would do well over Ginger Rice :9

What happened next…well…let’s just say it made a previously argumentative night into a rather snaxy one ;)

It probably didn’t hurt that I had Dominique A playing in the background… >.>  (ahem–sexy french vocals) And it went really well with a bottle of 2010 Our Daily Red Organic California Table Wine…


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