This Frikkin’ Scares Me! Gold for Oil?

1 Feb

Read this!

The first thing that pops in my head, and please (GOD PLEASE) save my sanity if I’m way off the f’n mark, but how many countries have gone bankrupt in the past decade because they couldn’t keep up with their debt and the rate of inflation, most of them being OFF the gold standard?

What immediately follows in my brain is the fact of how a Gold=Oil exchange will affect the economy, either spiking (likely) or tanking (not bloody likely) their values equally, therefore, those economies that have value based off the Gold rate will also prosper.  Those that don’t (ahem–can’t) will be hit in the PANTS.

Next up to bat in my belfry is the tidbit that Obama signed in that embargo/ban/what-have-you on countries that make NEW contracts with Iran.  There’s a tricky thing.  What countries don’t already that can afford it?  Who are we targeting?  Not India and China, I’m sure. It must be a buddy of theirs… (man, I really must brush up on my foreign relations info!)  I say this because it looks like not only are they thumbing their noses at us by finding a way around the banking freeze (which held India’s indebtedness to Iran frozen as well without a way to pay until now, apparently) but they’re doing so in such a way that will purposefully hurt our economy further down the road.

This won’t happen tomorrow.  Probably not in the next few months…but if it becomes a trend?  It’s not just us that the rise of gold will hurt (not rise of India or China, I’m not against them using whatever means they have to conduct legal business, geez!) it’s the majority of western culture.  Or should I say northwestern culture?  Somehow, I don’t think South America or Africa will be as affected by these problems, but then again, I’m no diplomat or economist.

You know, to play non sequitur and perhaps segue into something positive, I saw an ad for an all electric Nissan Leaf today.  The ad was beautifully done and I’m glad to see such a push for electric cars.  Electricity isn’t that far of a push to magnetricity, either (if that were ever an affordable commodity, Ha!) but perhaps a girl can dream…



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