I have a Blurb!

3 Feb

For the new story I’m working on, I have a blurb :) YAY!  I also have a tagline, so let me know what you think! PLEASE?  Also, notice one of my tags is Rumplestiltskin.  (insert evil grin here)  Why do you think that is?



The Education of Miss Persephone Norris

There are undisclosed desires to be satisfied, whether they want to admit it or not…


Miss Persephone Norris lived her life. It was normal, it was quiet, it was hers, and it was away from her controlling aunt and the grief swallowing every facet of her life after the death of her parents. Life in the city certainly wasn’t as clear-cut as she was used to, but it allowed her a certain amount of anonymity that felt…liberating.

Saravis, however, watched her. He sipped his tea from the café at the corner and watched her behind the counter at her little sales position as she tirelessly subjugated herself to the rigors of retail. He would have become quickly bored of her except for the end of the day when she straightened her spine and stalked away, a determination and fire in her step. Perhaps she would be a worthy pupil, after all.

Who is Saravis and what does he want to teach Persephone? How long has he been watching her and why? All this and more will be answered in The Education of Miss Persephone Norris.


2 Responses to “I have a Blurb!”

  1. ~jOyce February 3, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    I love this. Fantastic narrative.

    • Dena Gray February 3, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

      thank you jOyce! :D

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