26 Feb

I’m trying.  I’m really, really trying.  The words are in my head, the images are there, I’ve made my soundtracks and done my little meditation steps to get me “in the mood”…

but it’s not there.

My writing.

Is it like this time last year where it’s just…well…the time of year?  If you look at my time line, I pretty much abandoned my blog last February.  I’m fighting like hell not to do that again.  I really want to keep my promise to myself and build this platform, as I said I would.  For once in my not-as-miserable-as-it-could-be life, I want to keep a promise to myself.

This one’s kind of important.

The promise was to build an author platform.  Something that would put my name out there and build readership, preparing me for launching a book, while at the same time, giving me a launchpad for the necessary media for said book.  I’ve struggled a bit, this is true.  I’m no media guru and I’m certainly not versed enough in blogging to be successful at it (heck, I’m not even sure I’m using “tags” right) but I’m trying to make an honest “go” of it this year.  With all the things that have been happening to me personally, I need this for ME.

You don’t need to know about that crap, so I won’t bore you, but yeah, it’s enough to tip the Holmes and Rahe Scale pretty hard.  (I think my last score was an 863)  And it probably doesn’t help that I’m anal enough to keep up with a test like that…


So.  Stress aside.  What am I going to do to keep my butt in the writing chair?  Well, this, for starters.  I made myself blog about not being able to write.  I felt that at least writing about not being able to write was writing something, right? (snerk!)  Maybe it would be like the old sales trick that when you have a “no” customer, you start asking them simple questions you know they’ll say “yes” to, so they’ll be more used to saying “yes” when you ask the question you want that “yes” answer to.


still a blank wall.

I think I’ll draw some tarot cards.  I know it sounds a little bit “off” but I get the best story ideas and plot lines through a tarot spread. :)  When dreams fail!  I know, I know, I’m wandering.  It’s unaccountably cold and I need to keep my fingers warm.  Maybe I can use that as an excuse as well:  write anything just to keep my fingers warm.  Even if it’s DRECK, just write it.  That’s what beta readers are for… :P







2 Responses to “”

  1. Marc Schuster February 26, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been in literary “pause” mode for months now. I wish I could give you some good advice on how to break out of your rut. But here’s some so-so advice on how to at least get your blog kickstarted:

    – Maybe you could write a short post about who your ideal reader is. Write up a somewhat detailed profile of the kind of person who will like your blog and the writing you will produce.

    – Try writing about why you write. What, for example, do you want to do with your writing? Why do you want to share it with other people? What do you think your readers will get from reading your work? Why is it worth reading?

    – Start compiling lists. Things you love. Things you hate. Things you don’t understand. See if any patterns emerge, or if any of your lists inspire you to move off in other, unexpected directions. Or start asking questions about why these things are on your list, or what you would do if something you hated, for example, suddenly disappeared from your life. How would you fill the void?

    These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head. I hope they get the words and ideas flowing for you!

  2. Dena Gray February 26, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    Those are a lot of great suggestions. Thank you! I’ll be working with that :) I’ve been thinking more and more about the kind of stories I like and how my own reading has evolved, so I think I can take that and sort of reverse it into the “reader profile” you’re talking about.

    Now. Your list idea. Love, hate and don’t understand. Is there a reason you chose those specific things or were they merely suggestions? I think I’m seeing an abstract and you’re suggesting a specific (which happens to me a lot, so please forgive me).

    Thank you again! I will be ruminating!

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