Let’s get Political…

9 Mar

(originally posted on 3/9/12)

To the mass-media idiots: Can I be a dork and just say that it’s actually still a multi-candidate toss up on the Republican side of the fence and not just between Romney and Santorum, as some people think because they’ve received the most popular votes in the primaries since January? Popular vote has nothing to do with elections in the end, popular vote determines which way the electoral college votes and each region has a set number of electoral college voters. Gingrich has more electoral college votes than Santorum, even though he’s got about 100k less popular vote and only carried 2 states. (Remember, that’s how W won over Gore in 2000, electoral college over popular vote)

Technically they’re all still in the game until at least May when all the Republican’s votes are done. Sucks, but true. I have no idea why the Republicans decided to stretch their voting period from February to May (aside from trying to push all those ID laws through which keep getting shunted off by judges in Democrat states) but that’s what they’re doing, so there are no decisions yet.

And on a side note, from the laws and declarations that are flying through congress and the executive office over the past few months and I’m sure in the next eight, the Democrats don’t seem to be expecting a win. They didn’t even put forth another candidate. Even when Mr. Clinton was at his best, they put forth at least whispers of someone else wanting to run. There wasn’t even that. I don’t know about you, but that sounds fishy. Or should I say “Lame”?


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