“Dena Gray” is a pseudonym chosen from my great-grandmothers.  One’s first name was Bernhardine (who went through life as Dena) and the other’s maiden name was Gray.  There are at least two other ladies who were born with this name (I believe one lives in Texas and another in California) and at least one of them is doing wonderful work to raise money for AIDS research.  I am neither of these ladies.

I started writing at a young age, encouraged by my SEARCH teachers for my efforts in creative writing, but never took it seriously until I joined with a lovely group of women and formed the Romance Vagabonds in 2006 under the pseudonym Azalea Charles.  They gave me friendship and confidence, and everything a sister could want (despite never actually having met these wonderful people).  I split from them in mid-2007 due to time constraints but could never actually let the writing bug go.

They had inspired me, especially as I watched each of them reach their dreams of multi-publication, achieving a doctorate degree, and even becoming an editor for a fast-growing publisher.

Thus, Dena Gray was born.  She was born out of wishes and dreams, of inspiration and hope.  She was born out of the reminder that no matter where you come from or how far you go, you cannot belie what you are.

And I am a writer.

I am also an artist.

These things are packaged in many ways, with many faces that have many expressions, but quite often they don’t need to be packaged for the same type of audience.

So, I have decided to split my political writings from my creative writings and keep my creative writings with my art.

Please visit both of my sites and I’d love for you to follow me on either:

https://denagray.wordpress.com (my creative side!)

http://vaguelypaisley.wordpress.com (my serious side!)


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