Current Projects

Here I describe to you my current projects and what, if any, news arises from them.  I tend to work on one project for a good long while but then jump to something else for a short interim and what that something else may be is anyone’s guess.  It’s why I have so many open projects, but I’ll try to keep what I have listed here in a conservative and serious list.

Crescendo Oronis – Ergaleio, leader of the largest Densatos rebel faction, takes a surprising move by fleeing the planet with a key piece of software, off to a populated planet: Earth. Oronis, Densatos’ Supreme Commander, sets a mission to find him and in the midst of his search finds Mercedes, a broken woman rebuilt with their own technology. Is she some hybrid, a gift between alien nations? Have humans finally caught up with their technology after millenia? Or is she simply another lead to his brother… If so, what kind of horrors have these primitive humans visited upon one of his own?  A journey of fixation, fear, reckoning and regret–Crescendo Oronis drags a leader through the mess of his brother’s mind, only to realize…he is his own worst enemy and Ergaleio was nothing more than a victim.

Opportunity – (update 1/3/12: This may be incorporated into CO) Earth wants to explore the far reaches of space, but cannot send humans.  Scientists create the Intergalactic Ambassador in answer.  When these responsive robotic beings implanted with human emotions and knowledge start to take experiments into their own hands, tragedy takes place and forces their government to set out to destroy them.  One problem: they’ve invested uncountable monies in making them indestructible.  The only answer is to send them as far off into space as possible and the only mechanoid-friendly planet they can find is far-off Densa, a planet seemingly steeped in a very closed, xenophobic society.

Dryad – (1/3/12:Sadly much of this story is lost to a crashed hard drive.  I’m working on it.  We’ll see.  I really love it and hope to get it back) Autistic, Becca has no interest in speaking to her brother now that their last common relative is gone.  At their grandmother’s funeral, she runs off to the nearby forest, intent to lose herself in silence, blessed silence, when things start speaking to her that shouldn’t.  Surely that leaf didn’t wave, it was the wind!  And the gigantic Oak tree…nothing moved of its own accord like that.  Her brother must be right…she must be losing her mind.  Aidan is the Dryad locked in the Oak, trapped by his sister in a millennium-old fight to protect his vows to save the ever-fading link between the Anglican Church and the Fae.  He created the pact ages ago to preserve the old ways into the new Church, leaving his sister to fend for herself.  She festered in resentment and created a darkness in order to countermand his work.  Now Becca’s unwittingly worked her way between a sibling rivalry to end the world and no idea how to stop it.

An Unexpected Life of Crime (aka Schizophonica) – (1/3/12: again, much was lost with the dead hard drive, so I may have to rework this entire story.  I only have the first chapter from a previous thumb drive)  Born with Asperger’s Syndrome, Haley can function in most of her life.  There are just a few catches.  If something startles her, she freezes.  If something is out of place, she cannot rest until it’s straightened.  If someone does something wrong, she has to point it out.  So it’s up to her uncle, the only relative patient enough to take her on after her mother died, to protect her.  He’s a private detective and his most recent case is a set of grisly murders, enough to make any hardened man lose his lunch.  There’s seemingly no pattern, no motive, no anything that connects the murders except happenstance and location…until his niece slipped into an investigation and saw a pattern that no one else did.  Now, the killer seems obsessed with her.  He leaves messages that only she seems to understand and her behavior becomes more and more erratic until…he’s not so sure she’s not part of the crimes anymore.  His little Haley…isn’t so little anymore…

Splitting Shadows – (1/3/12: I hate to say, but this is completely GONE.  I don’t even have my original notes.  This blurb is all that survives.  Perhaps I can recreate it)  Erin was just a normal woman living a normal life as a normal filing clerk for a normal logistics company until Derrick, the Efficiency Analyst, showed up.  He charmed her socks off, even when he claimed to be a vegetarian and turned green when she ordered Pork Fried Rice for lunch, and kept charming until on the way back to the car, he swept her out from in front of a speeding truck and flipped them into ANOTHER WORLD?  Now he’s the Prince of Shadows, the ruler of the veil between her world and his father’s, and to explain why he’s a vegetarian, he’s half LION!  And now she’s his prisoner!  Why?  Because she’s half-blooded?  What?!?

A Dragon Among Us – (1/3/12:  I have this one!  I’m not sure I like it though.  I’ve changed a lot in the past year)  Aurelius watched.  He’d watched over this Oracle for 150 years and before that, an Oracle in Prague, Tokyo, London, and Cairo.  In all the years he’d been taking turns at each compass point, watching, protecting, he’d seen his fair share of beauty, sex, love…but never had one captured his interest as she.  In 600 years, he’d never broken his oath for such a frivolous, personal reason–but this time he couldn’t seem to help himself.  She called to him without even knowing he was there.  (A/N: is the “she” a human female on the outside or the Oracle?)

***All Romance is being abandoned for the time being.  I’ve lost my flavor for it, therefore all stories known under Azalea Charles are in stasis.  This includes Wit and Will, Working Indiscretion, Art for Ally, Bring me a Match, Orange Box Romance, and The Wish List.***

Sidenote on that:  I may actually revisit any of those story lines and play with them from time to time just to flex the mind, and what I have will stay up on and here but I am not pursuing Romance as a genre.  There was some discussion of pursuing Wit and Will as a turntable lesbian romance, and I’ve got much of the groundwork for that laid already, but I’m not ready to work on that just yet.


Lioness Loricatus – Harry Potter based fanfic, HGSSship.  see post from 1/3/12 for more info.

Rachetricity – Transformers fic, Ratchet/Starscream slashfic.  It has been a LONG time on hiatus, but I might be back on the bandwagon.  It looks mighty tasty.

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