Harry Potter Fanfiction

I’ll be delving into the fantasy side of my writing urges here.  It’s rather fascinating to write within a set of rules that someone else made up, but that I can play havoc with while I’m learning the tricks and details of writing well.  Please be warned, everything I write will have mature content in some capacity (violence, language, sex, etc.) and some may venture farther than that, depending on what the story needs.

I am happy to receive critiques, as long as they are constructive.  If I make a mistake in canon without first noting that the story is A/U, then please forgive me and politely let me know, I will attempt to either correct, or wrangle my way out of it by way of a really creative explanation ;)  Seriously, I am here to learn, and every little bit helps.

Of course, loving the story is always a good thing, too ;)  Gimme lots of that if you wanna LOL


I currently have three Harry Potter fanfictions, two completed and one in progress, ALL featuring our favorite Potions Master.  I can’t help it, I love Severus Snape.  He’s like Transformer’s Starscream, only less hokey.  Everyone loves him because they see their own personal tragic decisions within him.  Everyone also loves to hate him because he’s just that bad. :)  Here’s what I’ve got:


Holding on to Black Metal – a songfic, slightly crackfic, ALL alternate universe, featuring Snape heading to a Muggle bar with Lucius Malfoy for a little fun.  No slash, I’m sorry, but there is dancing!  Snape.  Dancing.  You’ve gotta read it to find out ;)

Vanas Opportunis – Oh, I love this one because it’s just so DIRTY.  A/U again, during Hogwarts years, before any battle occurs.  Snape is making his own form of ruphinol and doling it out to certain seventh year girls once a  month to scratch a certain itch.  Until that girl is Hermione.  She’s tilts everything off its axis and madness ensues.  STICKY SMUT! NON-CONSENSUAL SEX!

WIP: Lioness Loricatus – This one’s serious, folks.  Snape is found 2 yrs post war in an off-the-grid squib psychiatric hospital.  Hermione rescues him, and tries to recuperate him, but he’s dead to the world.


The fics will be up shortly (probably 1/6)

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