Vanas Opportunis Chapter 2

Disclaimer at Ch1.

“But I want to see it.”

“Brat. You’ll not be leaving my office with a snitch-sized bite on the side of your neck, so hold still.” She grinned and darted, naked, out from his arms, only to be caught up again and spooned against him. He ground his near-interest into her backside and she purred, arching back into him. “Yes, I thought that might hold you.”

She slipped down, bouncing her breasts against the forearm that held against her and slid her arse and hair along his body. Merlin! Successfully distracted at his own game, he barely noticed when she scrambled over to a small mirror near the coat rack at the door.

He blinked. Cow!

She flipped her hair back and preened, arching just enough to see his bite on her neck, prodding at it with her fingers.

He took the opportunity to sort out putting on his trousers at least. “There,” he growled over at her, “you’ve seen it. Now I’ll take it off before anyone else sees it and thank you very much for losing me a rather costly mirror.”

She whirled on him, the confusion on her face really quite amusing. He arched his left eyebrow and waited. “What do you mean? I’ve done nothing to it.”

“Except give anyone with the proper spell the means with which to get me sacked from this school.”

She arched her own brow at that. “You did that as soon as you brought me in here.” Then she snorted and started pacing back to him, imitating her house mascot. “No, I think you’ve been doing that every time you took a seventh-year into one of those alcoves.”

He sneered back, unsure of where she was leading. “Jealous?”


“Then what?”

“I’m just pointing out that you can point at me all you like, but you’ve only got yourself to blame. Even our own affaire could be set neatly under the heading of your fault.”

She poked a finger into his chest, he leaned casually back into the still-off-kilter desk, bracing his hands on the edge. “Do you expect some sort of apology from me?” Didn’t she want this to continue?

He watched, impassively, as myriad expressions coursed over her face. She finally settled with a clicked sigh of exasperation and lifted her hair off the hickey. “No. Not from you, I don’t.”

He flicked his wand and a few spells over her skin, fairly regretting having to remove the mark, himself, but he really couldn’t afford to leave it there. This turnabout of free play with someone was going to his head.

“Get dressed and I’ll scope out the classroom.” He dressed himself with practiced speed and spared her a last glance as she paced around the room picking up pieces of her clothing in trailing bits. It was rather amusing.

She made it round his desk and stared, frowning, at the floor. He arched a brow and waited, then watched as she bent and picked up a grey mess of snarls. The fascinating part was watching her face melt from horrified to hot as obviously memory came back to her as to how her tights entered that state.

She looked about for something else, but she seemed to have everything by now. “What.”

“Ooh!” She jumped a fraction, then glared, “you’re still here?”

“Obviously. What are you looking for?”

She blinked, looked at the mess in her hands, and shook her head. “Nothing.” She dropped the tights onto the desk and banished them with a flick of her wand.

Far be it from him to question the mind of an eighteen year old. He opened his office door quickly and strode in, closing it behind him sharply, heading straight for his workbench and scanning the room for anyone or anything. The room was clear for her to sneak out.

It was another month before he caught up to her privately again.

What was she doing? Who did she think she was? Ron and Harry would never forgive her and she’d be the pariah of the English wizarding community if anyone found out, but God, help her, it was as if she were finally ALIVE.

Everyone commented that she looked…better, happier, healthier, rosier. That comment always got a chuckle out of her. Roses. She looked at them differently now. And clotted cream for biscuits at tea nearly made her melt. As for that other smell? The yum?

She smiled and hid her eyes, turned them to the ground lest anyone in her group walking to Hogsmeade actually see her eyes grow hot at the thought of that smell. It was the smell of man. And she knew it wasn’t just Snape because she smelled it on some of the boys coming out of the locker rooms after Quidditch and sometimes in Herbology… sometimes someone would pass her in the hallways and she’d catch the yum smell and it would shake her whole body.

It was the smell of which men would be sexually compatible to her and so far the owners were really fairly surprising. Seamus? No way. Neville, she could understand and filed that bit away for later…Goyle? Yergh! Okay, well, maybe not so yergh if he wasn’t such a prat. He did have nice eyes.

She nearly choked on her pumpkin juice when she smelled Colin Creevey. Not happening. So not happening.

Harry and Ron smelled…normal. It was kind of a relief, to tell the truth.

“Hermione, come on, you’re doing that thing again!”

She looked up and saw that her group was several paces ahead of her. Lavender asked Ron “what thing?” and he responded with “I dunno, daydreaming or something.”

Hermione frowned at them and shooed them off. “Go on ahead, I’ll catch up.”

Relieved from their over-protective duties, they scrambled up the snowy incline and over the crest to Hogsmeade.

She was actually rather glad to see them go. At least now she had a moment’s privacy outside the bathroom or her bedhangings. She looked about for a good place to sit off the beaten path and found a shorn stump of a fir tree lightly coated in snow. Snow swept off, dried and warmed with a wand, the stump was actually rather comfortable and her little waystation, rather peaceful.

Until a single set of footsteps crunched up next to her. “About time I found you alone.”

She shivered at his voice and peered up at her Potions Professor. “What are you going to do, ravish me in the snow? I assure you, I’d find that not in the least comfortable.”

Could he tell she was teasing him?

There went the eyes, squinting again. “Should I resort to my potions again? You were rather more compliant the last we met.”

He just stood there, like a crow in the snow, his robes fluttering about like irritated wings. What did he want her to do? “Oh, I’m sorry, did you want me to jump your bones where everyone can see us?”

He seemed to take that into consideration, the git. “An interesting thought, but I was going to suggest we meet somewhere better…the basement to Honeydukes, perhaps?”

She blinked. “Why there?”

“There’s a tunnel back to Hogwarts that runs beneath the basement,” and now he finally moved towards her, placing his hands on her snow-sodden shoulders and oh Lord, but his heat went straight through to her bones. He bent down to her ear, “and I’d rather enjoyed the thought of hearing your cries echoing in that tunnel.”

She shivered, but held her own, “I’ll see you there, then?”

“If you feel you can…handle it, yes.”

His innuendo was corny, but it made her smile. “I can handle it if you feel up to it.”

He straightened and pushed that up into her back, bracing with his hands still on her shoulders. She wanted to flip around and nuzzle him through his trousers, but dared not, so close to the path. He chuckled evilly and stepped around her, then up the path and over the ridge to Hogsmeade.


“You said yourself I’ve been daydreaming and lagging behind. I shouldn’t keep you from the pub just because I want to finish up some shopping.”

“But we always grab a butterbeer at the pub, ‘Mione.”

“I’m fine, Ron, honestly. I’ll see you back at the castle. Go…buy one for Lavender or something.”

He jerked his head back and his eyebrows up at that, then cut his eyes across at Harry. He shrugged and made his way out of the shop in answer. She smiled at him. Harry was growing up. Ron however…

She shoved the prat in Harry’s direction. “Just go, I’ll see you later.”

“Alright, alright, keep your knickers on. I’ll go.”

She snorted at the phrase, knowing that she’d have them off in a few if things went right. She puttered about the shop, wending her way to the back and waiting for the right opportunity to mutter a Disillusionment charm and slip down the cellar stairs.

Business wasn’t terribly busy, but busy enough, so opportunity came soon and she found herself at the bottom of a rickety set of wooden steps, peering into the corners at the shadows for her companion.

It was hard not to squeal when hands came around her from behind, one at her mouth and one at her stomach. “I was beginning to grow impatient.”

She answered with an open mouth caressing the palm across her lips.


She hummed a laugh deep in her throat, not yet.

Merlin, she was eager! It was more than he’d hoped for after she’d seemed to be unavailable for so many weeks, and then she’d been rather short with him in the fir copse. He’d pushed her to see if she was truly against having relations with him again or if she was just like him and bitching the itch. He’d been thoroughly satisfied with her physical responses. To be perfectly honest, even he couldn’t get more than one weekend free out of the month to do as he pleased.

The hand at her waist wandered while she explored the other with her mouth. First a breast, then a hip, then dipping into the crux between her legs and her little thrust into his hand had him rocking her back into his erection, burying his face behind her braid to scrape his teeth at the rounded bit of flesh where her spine curled into her neck. They both shuddered.

Damn but they needed to get below before the shopkeeper came downstairs again!

He uncurled himself from around her and lifted the stone bit of floor, motioning her to precede him below. He took one last look around and descended into the dark recess, only to feel hands following his legs up to his arse as he did so. “Stop that.”

He dropped the stone and whirled on her holding her wand out, lit against the dark corridor. “Why?” She smirked at him.

“What if I’d fallen?”

She snorted. “Mobilicorpus?”

“Only works on still things, silly witch.” He advanced on her, pressing her closer to the wall behind her.

He watched her mind work between lust and trying to one-up him. “Arresto Momentum?”

His turn to snort, “That fast?” He came up against her as she hit the wall. “Arrest this momentum, you impractical thing, you.” She smiled into his kiss. It felt strange and good at the same time, but he wanted the smile off. He ground her into the wall with his mouth and his body, unbuttoning her denims – all five maddening buttons.

As soon as her mouth relaxed from the smile and poured into the kiss, he yanked her hands from around his neck and spun her around to face the wall. From the sound of it, she didn’t seem to mind at all. He leered and smoothed her denims down over her buttocks, catching her panties with his thumbs and taking them with.

He groaned. What a sweet arse.

All the more to fuck you with my dear…

He smirked at his mental quip and her faster breathing, undid his trousers and slid his cock over her bare cheeks…just feeling the warmth, the softness of her there. He nearly smiled.

Alright, enough of that! His right hand came round to her hip, his left to her back and pulled her into just the right position to expose her without having to spread her legs. It had taken him quite some time to perfect this little trick and it was still one of his favorites.

She complied quite wonderfully, dragging her hands over the wall and groaning into the darkness. Her wand was the only light around and it gave an almost underwater quality to their surroundings. She gripped it tightly in her right hand, even as it snagged on a loose root poking through the packed dirt wall. The light shifted to show her face completely wanton…now that was his favorite part.

He shoved into her hard and without mercy. She yelled on a roll and it echoed beautifully, shivering from his ears down his spine to his scrotum. The harder he pushed, the harder she yelled and gasped and on and on…

The stone shifted. He stilled, his mind racing a million directions before settling on…he blinked…a strange solution, yes, but probably the only one that would work. He drew off his outer robe and threw it over Hermione, whispering harshly, “Put this on, play along, call me Severus and do not act like you’re you.”

He drew his wand, whispered the charm and started to move like he was still fucking her.


Her voice came out just like, “Minerva…” Merlin that was…he shuddered in revulsion but kept the act.

She had to have heard the people coming down the ladder at that point. Why else did she say, “Well, Severus, this is certainly kinky enough for me.” She even added in a little groan he could have spent the rest of his life not hearing in McGonagall’s voice.


They stiffened. He looked over and to his complete and utter horror saw the only two faces he’d rather not see other than Minerva and Albus at this point. In fact, they would probably be slightly better than Potter and Weasley.

“We’ll just be going then.”

He smoothed his tunic coat and kept Hermione between him and the wall but the corridor was too small. Weasley tripped over himself and pushed him against Hermione which brought her lit wand towards her face. She whispered nox rather quickly considering the circumstances (but why hadn’t she done it sooner?) however both boys lit their wands and shoved them in her face fast enough to light her on fire.


“You GIT! I’m going straight to Dumbledore on this one!”

Severus’ mind was fast but not as fast as hers at this point.

“You’ll do no such thing.”

Even he had to stop and look at her at the sound of Minerva’s voice coming from Hermione’s body.

“What’s wrong with your voice, Hermione?”

She wrapped his robes tightly around herself, probably to hide her clothing from the day which is what he’d intended. “Haven’t you boys ever heard of a little potion called Polyjuice? Hmm? I think you made use of it rather illegally in your second year, if I remember correctly.”

Severus shook his head. She was good. He’d only hoped to hide her in plain sight, but this was good enough to confuse them without bespelling them. They both looked highly uncertain and were starting to shift from outraged to disgusted. If it wasn’t personal, he’d have been delighted to witness the interchange but as it was…

“I believe you two are not supposed to be privileged with the information of this corridor? Perhaps that coupled with the interference of…faculty relations…could result in house points loss or…?

“We’re gone!”

And so they were. He smiled as soon as the stone shifted back over the ladder, but removed the weakness once her wand was lit again. He cancelled the charm over her voice before he regurgitated on something.

Her youthful voice sounded much better to his ears, “That was too close.”

“My sentiments exactly. I say I need to get you back to that little fir copse posthaste.”

She whimpered.


“We didn’t finish.”

He stared down at her, completely dumbfounded. Without another word, he Apparated them to her little stump and Apparated himself to Aberforth’s for a drink.

She sat down with a flop. That BASTARD. Not a “see you later” or a “we’ll catch up” or even a kiss goodbye! He just dropped her off and popped away without a by-your-leave.

Rank Bastard.

She shivered at the feel of him from behind her, though. Bastard, maybe, but Oh GOD, what a Lover.

Besides, it wasn’t as if they were in any other kind of relationship. Sex and education, that was it. It was nearly funny, actually. Who’d have thought she’d be getting better sex from Snape than from a virile boy her own age? It actually begged to point out that sex just for the sake of sex was pointless unless one was attracted to the person you were having it with. And that made her wonder about the potion he’d used. Did that make anyone want you or just someone who would have already wanted you, want you more?

That made her sit up. Did she really want Snape or was that due to some weird lasting after-effect of his potion? Did it matter? They were having a good time, nothing more. Did it matter why?

She was Hermione Bloody Granger. Of course it bloody mattered Why.


“—I thought my eyes would bleed out of my head.”

“Did you see his face?”

“I was too busy looking at hers.”

“I don’t think I can look at any of them with a straight—”

“Hullo, boys.”

They stopped midstride and midsentence as if hitting a brick wall.

Harry recovered quickly, seeing her sitting there on the stump, waiting for them. “Hermione, you’ll never guess—”

“The weirdest thing ever just happened.”

She gave her best curious and confused look and stood up to walk over to them. “Well?”

They looked her over for a moment, then both burst forth at the same time, “Snape and McGonagall!”

She blinked with appropriate consternation. “Did they do something?”

Ron snarked, “Did they ever!”


“Harry, c’mon, we should tell her.”

“I dunno…it’s weird.”

“Well, I think she should know. She needs to know what to look out for.”

If she hadn’t known what was going on already she wouldn’t be any more confused than she was now. “What are you two going on about? What do I need to look out for?”

“Snape’s got a thing for you.”


“Ron, I dunno, it didn’t seem entirely—”

“Well, what else, then, Harry? She’s polyjuiced up just like our Hermione and he’s bangin’ away at her back door. She calls him kinky right in front of us.”

Hermione rolled her eyes at him, “Oh for heaven’s sake, Ronald.”

“What? I’m just sayin’—”

Harry interrupted, “Actually, Ron, what she said was that it was ‘kinky enough for her’ which is entirely different.”

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