Vanas Opportunis Chapter 5

Stupid Cow! Relentless Bitch! Perfidious, inconsistent, grasping little Mudblood! How dare she!

He stood, raging in stillness at the balustrade for several minutes, watching from the shadows as she and Longbottom spoke at length, traveled across the Hall to where some of their age were seated and then she did something that made him want to eviscerate them both where they stood. She kissed him.

On the mouth, the slut!

Nevermind the indignity, he climbed over the darkest corner of the balustrade and strode across the sloping hillside towards the dungeons. He didn’t even glance at their alcove, regardless that it burned him, beckoned him as he stalked by it.

This behavior, these thought processes were completely unacceptable! He was acting jealous! Possessive! Obsessed! True, he’d shown ability to harbor these emotions before, but he’d quashed those demons so deep in his soul and so long ago, they’d have to invent something to rip them forward again.

He slammed open the side entrance and was distracted by several sets of students found quite on their way to their own base acts. He dispersed them and marched into his rooms without a backwards glance. He’d nearly gotten the door shut when he was shoved forward, much to his surprise and didn’t even get his hand on his wand before someone growled, “Incarcerous!”

He fell to the floor hard on his side, dumbfounded at the familiarity of the voice. There was no possibility she could have followed him here. She’d have had to see him leave the balcony…

She shut the door behind her and he heard his own key click into place, then chink onto the hard marble of the table where he, himself kept it, right next to the door.

“Anything to say before I gag you, Professor?”

His mind reeled at that sentence coming out of her mouth. She stalked up in hard shoes on the hard, cold floor and toed him onto his back, then squatted down and patted the ropes on his chest.

“Mmm? Anything? Last words? Last requests?”

He had no earthly idea what she was about, so he just lay there and stared at her as if she were completely mad. Perhaps she was. She certainly had the feverishly bright tint to her eyes that usually bespoke madness and Merlin knew he’d seen enough of that to know what it looked like.

He had a vague notion of her among those ranks and cringed. Really cringed.

She tilted her head to the side, close to a shoulder, but kept her eyes on him. “Nothing? You sure?” She stood up, taking her skirt up with her and his thoughts immediately dissolved along that path. She stopped at decency but her hands were busy underneath the gown, reaching.

His heart pitched a beat faster. Would she…?

She smiled and raised a brow, watching his face as she went back down her legs and stepped one stiletto-shod foot and then another out of a pair of tiny, silken, black panties. He blinked slowly, his mouth starting to open, starting to form something, some kind of words…

“Ah-ah-ah!” She chided, then lifted her skirt to her knees and knelt to straddle him. He groaned at the heat of her! “No more talking. I gave you three chances and now you can forever,” she lifted his head and slid one leg of her panties over his head, “hold,” she tied a slip-knot, “your peace.” He was successfully gagged with women’s knickers.

He’d never wanted to fuck her so badly in their entire affaire.

“You say too many nasty things anyway to allow even your tongue free reign, regardless of how good you are with it.” She kissed his upper and lower lips separately, chastely, maddeningly, and stood up.

He made a strangled noise of complaint in the back of his throat. She laughed. “Well, you’re pretty still, now, so Mobilicorpus.”

He felt the very odd sensation of being bodily levitated off the cold floor but she just let him hang there.

“Hmm. I guess I should find your bedroom, first. I do hope you have posts. It will be so much easier that way.”

Just the thought of the innuendo of that statement made him shudder and she very nearly dropped him. She laughed again, this time nearly cruel. “Ah, I see you were right about needing to be still. Imagine that, Professor.” She walked closer to him and he didn’t know if it was better or worse, knowing she was within sight. Before, he could imagine her a right virago, a towering spire of strength. Now, it was easy to see the curls of hair slipping their potion, the maquillage slightly slipping beneath her eyes and slightly denuded at her mouth. And for all her visual faults, it made it harder for him to hate her with every passing moment.

That realization made him angry.

She had no right to steal into his rooms and tie him up, no right to play with him. He was the one with all the rights, all the power, not her!

This school and the students herein were the only strengths he had left to him, that and the power of his own mind and she was breaking everything but that away from him. The thought panicked him, boiled rage down into his gut and he bit into the silk between his teeth, tasting her in the back of his throat.

She was stealing every ounce of him, even trying to pervade his mind and by the Dark Lord Himself, he WAS NOT going to permit it!

He started struggling in his confines, knowing he would fall. She simply stepped away, had been watching his face this whole time, and let him. Bitch!

And of course, she resolved the situation nicely with a very cold “Stupefy!”

He awoke tied rather neatly to his own bed. Yes, did have posts, and yes, they were for just such an occasion and no, they hadn’t been used as such in a very, very long time, and oh Merlin he was NAKED.

How did she do that with him Stupefied? Nevermind, there were countless ways, charms, etcetera that she could have used, but the main thought was that he could move his head now, his body only being restrained at the hands and feet, and she was nowhere in the room.

Did she just want to leave him here like this?

No. Her panties were still in his mouth. Firstly, he couldn’t call out to anyone, and secondly, they were evidence against them both.

She must be coming back unless she’d actually cracked and was planning on leaving school early.

The thought concerned him. Had he really pushed her that far? He stopped the ridiculous thought and rolled his eyes. Oh, for crying out loud, why was he getting so bothered over her choices? He had no control over that. Except there was a very real possibility of her going completely barking mad and doing him serious harm…


Not her.

Except all the symptoms were there.

She’d accepted things no one else ever had, with an astounding ease. She followed him about, lurking around every corner and for some reason, thought him good enough for that intense regard of hers. Him. The one children fled from in the corridors, the one people young and old called nasty names behind his back and shied away from if he stood too near.

He’d actually learned to use that against them. All. Every last one of them received the verbal lashing he’d grown so good at, the poise he’d cultivated after so many years of being shunned.

Some people grew into themselves under such dark scrutiny. He threw it back in their faces.

She, on the other hand, took it and lapped it up like cream. And he, in turn, had been swept away in the tide of that feeling of being wanted, regardless of being a complete and utter bastard.

In fact, the worse he was to her, until that day in the inventory closet, the more she gave back. It had been one of the most intoxicating experiments of his life.

He shook his head against he pillow, staring up at the dark green canopy above him. She’d shocked the hell out of him when she’d asked him why he’d picked her. He’d not liked the answer.

The answer he’d given her was the complete truth and that was what he didn’t like. Because somewhere after plucking the thorn, the rose had started to grow.

He snorted. He must be the one going mad. He started laughing, harsh mocking laughter, choking on his own spit that he couldn’t quite swallow right with the panties tied up in his mouth. His whole body shook with the absurdity of it. Was he totally deranged? Since when did Severus Snape fall into his own trap?

Stupid, stupid wizard.

Held captive by an eighteen year old witch.

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