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A Question of Ownership

17 Jan

So, considering the previous post is about gun control, the question before us really should be: who do you want to have the guns?

Because there will be guns. No one’s getting rid of them. Do you want them? Do you want them to be in the hands of our military?  Do you want them in the hands of hired professionals?  Do you want them in the hands of criminals? (which the case will be if guns become illegal)

A gun is a tool of control and America knows how to use that tool. No one will be able to enforce a culture of millions of people to simply throw away every single one.

Why? Because there are other people outside our country who will come in with guns and feed the populace with them, regardless of legality. Then the good will become criminal in order to “protect”. It’s in our nature.

Survival of the fittest, call it what you will, but it is. We hit with the biggest rock to protect what is ours. Its that basic and for that reason alone, there will always be guns.

So, on that, decide. Who do you want to have them. Us? Them? You? It will never be NO ONE.

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